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A complete solution for every environment

Innovation takes expertise. Prysmian Group is the world-leading partner in finding innovative solutions no matter how challenging the circumstances. Whether you require solutions fit for the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry, within underwater and flooded areas, or industrial and harsh environments, Prysmian Group will provide both - tailored and universal solutions to suit your exact requirements.

Inside OPGW & Specials

Fibre optic solutions for
overhead lines

Aerial fibre optic cable systems have become a key factor in telecommunications networks for electrical utilities as it’s an ideal right of way for a telecommunications path. In Prysmian Group, we support electrical utilities, designing and delivering integrated solutions for data transmission through its power network infrastructure. The high-quality standards of our products offer to these critical assets the reliability to communicate communities with the rest of the world.

Prysmian Group has the world’s largest Fibre Optic Systems for OHL product portfolio, with facilities situated worldwide, to satisfy the needs of the global market. Prysmian Group engineers can assist you in determining the design that best suits your project's unique conditions and challenges, providing onsite services.

Distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS) solutions

Through the careful assessment of your exact needs, Prysmian Group can provide a solution which delivers reliable and cost-effective systems, every time. Fibre optic sensing systems can detect and monitor the activities and processes of critical infrastructure: from detecting physical intrusions, tremors or leaks, to monitoring offshore windfarms performance or the throughput of a gas pipeline.

Special fibre optic solutions

In Prysmian Group, we design our special fibre optic cables to overcome the obstacles presented in the creation of communication networks. We provide new solutions specifically for industrial, Oil & Gas, underwater and flooded areas and harsh environments.

Prysmian Group can also offer a complete sensing system including specific fibres, optical cables and sensing equipment to monitor critical infrastructures.



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