Rewarding Talent


Rewarding talent

We strive to reward our employees through performance-based compensation programs that foster pay fairness and competitiveness.

Our remuneration strategy aims to attract and retain talented people with the right skills to support the company in meeting its objectives while motivating people to improve performance consistent with the company’s values and culture.

Our remuneration strategy fosters alignment of stakeholder’s interests while generating sustainable value over time, by forging a tangible and verifiable link between pay individual and group performance.

Total reward

The key pillars of the total reward package we offer include:

  • Fixed remuneration: this is the remuneration for the position held, so as to ensure appeal and motivation.

  • Short-term incentive plans (e.g. MBO Plan): incentives linked to company and individual performance, customized depending on role and local market practices and requirements.

  • Value4All program: 3 equity-based plans designed to share sustainable value generation with all employees, designed to be as inclusive as possible, welcoming anyone who wants to participate, and embracing any geographical, organizational, or local diversities:
    • BE IN: the newest equity-based profit-sharing plan, designed to share value creation, mitigate inflation, and provide further benefits especially to Non-Desk Workers, rewarding through increased engagement and alignment to the Company’s performance.
    • YES: the employee share purchase plan in its 10th edition, providing the opportunity to buy on a voluntary basis company shares at favourable condition.
    • GROW: equity-based long-term incentive plan (LTI Plan) dedicated to managerial and high performer/potential population that vests over a multi-year period, largely dependent on group’s business performance and value created for shareholders.
  • Benefits: non-cash components meant to ensure a suitable level of total remuneration. Benefits may include: retirement, life and disability, healthcare, company car or transportation allowance and meal subsidy.



Value4All as a part of Prysmian's reward strategy puts People first, opening new opportunities to build a better future and a stronger One Company, together.

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