Graduate Program Build the Future

What is Build the Future?

Build the Future is the Prysmian Graduate Program. The 2025 edition will be number 14!
We aim to hire talents globally with diverse background in the STEM field and experiences who are eager to make our world a more sustainable place and ready to embrace new challenges.

Are you willing to make your mark in the Energy transition and Digitalization of our communities? Be part of this important change and help us build a better future for all of us. Join our global team!

Are you up for the challenge?

Our Graduate Program provides an immersive experience in our company from day 1.

The program starts with a one-week Global Induction with trainings and activities led by the Prysmian Academy in collaboration with a Top-Ranking Business School.

Following your induction, you will be part of a one-year job rotation within the Country where you have been hired, spanning across 2 different departments: Research and Development and Operations in one of our production sites.

After the first year of rotation, you will take a local role in your home country for one year in one of the 2 areas of your rotation.

On your third year, the path you take depends on whether you are part of the Global Program or the Local Program – Empower your community.

For those in the Global Program: you will start the international assignment for a duration of 3 years. You’ll be assigned by the Talent Acquisition and People Development team to a technical role, mainly based in one of our production sites strongly linked to the core of our business and needs in that specific moment. You’ll learn new ways of working, acquire new knowledge and embrace a new culture!

At the end of your assignment abroad (Off Program), as you return to the Country you’ve been hired in, you will continue your career at Prysmian in the same area or in a new one based on your performance and available development opportunities.

If you enrolled in the Local Program: you will start performing a brand-new role which is aligned to your interest and the business needs of the region you’ve been hired in. You will contribute to accelerate the Energy Transition and the digitalization of your country and/or regional community.

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Join a global network of 300+ graduate program participants!

From the launch of the program in 2012, we’ve hired over 300 graduates from all over the world: take a look at the feedback of the previous participants at the end of the page and in our videos.

People Stories – Graduate Program

“The graduate program has provided me with an enduring learning experience, which allows me to determine my career interest in STEM and enhance self-growth. Also, I’m truly inspired by Prysmian Group's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce which engenders a sense of belonging within me.”

Nanthinie, Graduate Program

“Starting my professional career, I wanted to be part of a company driving the change for a more sustainable world. I was very happy to find the graduate program which creates an unique experience, through the year of rotations and international assignment. I’ve had the opportunity to understand the technical and operational side as well as the commercial side, all the way from Mexico to Australia!”

Ines, Process Engineer

“Hello, I am Arjun and I am a Prysmian Graduate from the 2° wave. I was hired in 2013 from USA as part of the Prysmian Graduate Program. 10 years have passed and my eagerness to learn remains the same. The Prysmian Group Graduate Program has helped me immensely not only about the technical aspects of work but also hone and develop my professional skills. I have also been encouraged to ask questions and there is always someone with a wealth of experience to make sure all my questions are answered. My experience has taken me to different Prysmian Group Facilities in different countries and different work cultures and this has made it easier for me to adapt to different situations in both my professional and personal life.   This has been a truly rewarding experience for me and many other graduates. I am available to help and share my experience with any current or future Prysmian Graduate. Don’t wait to accept whatever is in your future."

Arjun, Technical Sales Support Specialist

“I appreciated the chance to rotate through and to experience new positions in different departments; I also enjoyed the business training that we get for professional growth and the chance to move to another country, learn a new culture and language.”

Mack, Product Development MV & LV Engineer 

“My whole experience has been extraordinary! I was able to work in a home country for one year and being sent to another country for an assignment. To me it is a once-in-a life opportunity.”

Manuel, Technical Sales Projects 

«I think that the job rotation and the opportunity to work abroad are some of the best features of this program. Other than this, what I really like about the company is that the terms like "Diversity and Inclusion", "Gender Equality", "Sustainability" are not just used here in theory, I can see the actual efforts from the management to achieve them, which makes me proud of being a part of the Prysmian family.»

Charanjit Singh Jolly, Commodity Buyer

“After graduating from university I wanted to work for a company that can make the world and the society more sustainable. I then decided to join a company like Prysmian, a leader in the cable industry. I can proudly say that I directly contribute to the energy transition and digitalization of the society.”

Monica, Junior Controller

“The Graduate Program allowed me to experience Diversity in all its meanings, giving me the possibility to foster my career through personal and professional development, also creating a great network of brilliant people.”

Marco, Senior Project Manager

“The Graduate Program has allowed me to broad my network with people from all around the world and have the guidance of very skilled leaders.”

Nicolas, Americas Internal Auditor

Our exciting Graduate Program

Yes, it does. You will be hired with a permanent contract with a competitive salary. During your international assignment, the company will support you for relocation, transfer and stay during your experience abroad.

After your local onboarding, you will join an induction that will give you a great overview of our business and our products. You will attend trainings organized by the Prysmian Academy in collaboration with a Top Ranking Business School. The induction is a great chance to networking and to meet Prysmian CEOs and business leaders.

During the program, your training will continue and you will participate in different business games and trainings with our senior managers.

During the period of rotations, each participant should start building an idea of which field he/she wants to work in the next years of the program and during international assignment. Prysmian will find a fitting role considering the qualifications, the interest of each graduate, the feedback of the rotations and the business needs. Each participant can express a geographical preference for the international assignment; however, the available positions in the Group will define the location of the international assignment.

The participant of the graduate program, at the end of their year of rotation, will receive a proposal about the best area that will match the expectations in terms of career growth and availability in the company. For your international assignment, you could be assigned to positions in the R&D or Operations. The position will be mainly based on one of our production sites and/or strongly linked to the core of our business.

The recruitment process starts in July 2024 and will be completed by February 2025. The Graduate Program will start in March 2025.

The program starts with a one-week Global Induction in presence with trainings and activities led by the Prysmian Academy in collaboration with a Top-Ranking Business School. During the induction, you will have the opportunity to meet some of our business leaders, former graduates as well as learn more about Strategy, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Teamwork and Collaboration.

The 2nd training session will take place online at the beginning of your 2nd year at Prysmian and will have a duration of one week. Here you will learn about Supply Chain, Performance Management, Marketing & Sales, Cross-Cultural Collaboration.

The 3rd training session will take place in presence at the beginning of your 3rd year at our company and will have a duration of 2 days. Here you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself in a business case, specifically tailored for you.

Upon completion of your training path, you will receive an attendance certificate issued by the Top-Ranking Business School we are partnering with (SDA Bocconi).


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