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As the world leader in energy cable systems on land, Prysmian solutions are designed to deliver maximum performance, with minimal impact on the world around them. Through a strong focus on research and development, constant technological innovation and ability to offer customers the best in total cost of ownership.

Energy Transition, Land Systems

Meeting energy transition goals for companies and countries will call for ever-more sophisticated cable technologies needed to transport renewable energy from sites where it is generated to the cities and factories where it is consumed. Underground cables systems are a key part in the backbone of the advanced power grids necessary to achieve the energy transition. These land systems designed at a higher voltage level and with large conductor cross-sections can provide optimal technical solutions for long-distance high-power transmission with minimized land use. To achieve the energy transition, Prysmian is developing a new generation of sustainable, high voltage underground cables.

Innovation in Land Cables

Prysmian is constantly pushing the boundaries to design and produce high and extra high voltage underground cables that can transmit more power, are more sustainable. We have developed new cables systems designed at a higher voltage level and with large conductor cross-sections, thereby providing optimal technical solutions for long-distance high-power transmission with minimized land use. Our ±525 KV HVDC cables can transport more energy than their predecessors, thus requiring less civil works to install the system, increasing also the overall project efficiency while reducing the impact on local communities These cables are qualified also with P-Laser insulation, the first 100% recyclable, eco-sustainable, high-performance cable technology based on HPTE (High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer) material.

Benefits of underground cables compared to overhead lines

Underground cables are increasingly replacing overhead lines despite the fact that underground cables cost more up front. They have several advantages for various stakeholders. Underground cables are more eco-friendly and safer because they can’t be affected by adverse weather like snow storms or hurricanes, which are becoming increasingly common. For inhabitants, they do not disrupt their views and preserve the landscape. Agriculture and farming on top of the trench, once the installation is completed, is not disturbed. Last, for our customers, the cables are better-protected, therefore require lower maintenance because they are less exposed.

Our high-voltage systems and solutions form an integral part of power grids across the world

We aim to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements with competitive and reliable solutions for underground systems, however demanding the environment. The need to have respect for, and adapt to, the world around us is a fundamental feature of our work. Our cables are suitable for use in built-up areas that offer restricted space or in sensitive areas of natural beauty or ecological value where the use of overhead lines is not appropriate. Our market dominance extends to all phases of power circuits development, including engineering, design, production, and installation and maintenance (operating a turnkey approach) that covers the asset’s entire lifetime and provides customers with the benefits of a lower cost. Customers can all on us for the complete range of products and services required for all high voltage and extra-high-voltage cable systems.

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