OMHERO is the right solution for electricians and homeowners to improve functionality, safety and energy efficiency of electrical installations in homes.

For electricity professionals

Compact and easy to install, OMHERO consists of two units, MASTER and PLUG, that allow measuring the key parameters of electrical installation in homes. OMHERO allows electricians to plan customised maintenance operations and make their customers’ electrical installations more efficient.

One solution, many functions

OMHERO allows to quickly carry out home electrical installations’ check tests and the printout of a technical annex summarising all tests performed.

  • Real time measurement of parameters
  • Voltage drop test
  • Earth loop impedance test
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker test
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker test

To monitor what you can’t see before it’s too late.

OMHERO helps preventing faults of home electrical appliances, overloads and black-outs. Allows to monitor energy consumption and guides homeowners towards a better energy awareness. The safer the installation, the more efficient the house.

Simple and intuitive, real-time notifications

  • Status of the appliances and of the whole installation.
  • Power quality, monitoring of the power load, notifications about remaining available power and voltage fluctuations.
  • Information about daily consumption in terms of cost and of CO2 emissions.

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