Prysmian's rebranding to support the Company's new business strategy


Milan, Italy   -   15/02/2024 - 09:14 AM

It was the 5th of October 2023 when, during the Capital Markets Day, Massimo Battaini - Prysmian’s CEO-designated - presented the launch of the Group’s new business strategy, Connect to Lead.

The new 5-years strategy aims at capitalizing on the Company’s market position to seize the opportunities offered by the new market trends that are currently shaping the cable industry, in order to transform the Group from a cable player into a cabling solution provider and to lead the energy transition and the digital transformation.

As it is facing a process of transition and internal transformation, it is now crucial that the Group is supported by a strong brand that fully amplifies its new business strategy and its new business goals.

This is exactly why today Prysmian is unveiling its new brand identity.



Towards a new essence: our Manifesto

“At Prysmian, we want to lead the energy transition and digital transformation and we are evolving our brand to reflect this ambition”.

The challenges and opportunities the world is facing require us, as global market players, to drive new forms of energy and information to each and every corner of the Earth, leading the shift to a more sustainable way of living that we and our planet so clearly need.

And that’s exactly what we aim to do: with our solutions, we drive new energy and intelligence everywhere, pushing the boundaries of electrification and digitalization. Through our knowledge, innovation and reach, we connect people and businesses and provide them with the energy and information they need.

Our north star? To empower human achievements and sustainable living everywhere.

Prysmian, The Planet’s Pathways: the new payoff

Prysmian is not only a solution provider; it is an enabler of a different, better future. We create new pathways to reach the energy transition and a more sustainable way of living.

Not only do we provide our customers with superior cable solutions based on state-of-the-art technology; we also offer excellence in execution, a legacy built on performance and innovation, and a commitment to delivering sustainable growth. And everything we do is centered around a shared purpose: ensuring a future where we solve the challenges posed by the energy transition, ubiquitous digitalization and global electrification.

Together, we can navigate the way forward. And that’s exactly what Prysmian wants to convey with its new payoff, The Planet’s Pathways. This is what inspires our future moves and what guides us in reaching our purpose.

The visual shift: a brand new logo

Our brand represents the energy and technology that moves us towards a more sustainable way of living, in every corner of the planet.

To support this ambition, Prysmian will be represented by a strong, new logo, which captures the name, mission and legacy of the Company, ensuring its recognition and amplifying its distinctive identity. The new logo, in fact, represents all the essential aspects and elements of Prysmian’s identity: the pathways, the shift, the gradient and the circularity.


“Prysmian is a leader in sustainability and innovation, and an enabler of the energy transition and of the digital transformation worldwide. That’s who we are, that’s our strategic ambition and that’s how we want to be perceived. That’s what the rebranding is for: a new, strong and recognizable brand to catalyze and amplify our purpose, in every application”.